Hi, I’m Matt, the owner of Woodward Square Realty, where we aim to provide top-notch service to our customers who buy and sell with us, as well as our diligent and committed realtors who operate within our agency.

In my decade plus in the real estate industry, I have experienced both good and bad customer service and have full appreciation and knowledge for the difference compassion and empathy make, along with, of course, quality and competence, in creating a fantastic real estate experience, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or realtor.

We at Woodward Square are committed to delivering you the best possible experience, one that you’ll want to enthusiastically share with your friends, family, and others for years to come. And we’re actively building a team of caring and skilled real estate agents who are equally committed to the same goal.

I’m also dedicated to equipping our growing team for greater success through giving more value to our agents by offering lower commission caps, more training, greater camaraderie, and a deeper sense of belonging and family throughout the agency. By taking care of those who commit to the us, we will have the best, most diligent, most enthusiastic agents excited about working for you.

That, my friend, is the Woodward Square difference.

Buying? Selling? Shopping brokerages? Please feel free to reach out and we can talk further about how I can partner with you in accomplishing your goals.